Synxronos is a boutique strategy and mergers & acquisitions consultancy, specializing in OEM components and services businesses serving the aerospace/defense, high performance commercial, life sciences and industrial markets.

Synxronos typically works with private companies, whose owners are seeking to understand their strategic options, such as entry into new growth markets, product line acquisitions, the sale of their business or licensing of their technology.

Motion Control

Motors Brakes/Clutches Actuators
Position Sensors Slip Rings Gears


Position and Displacement Pressure Temperature


Thermal Management RF/Microwave Switches
Resistors & Capacitors Photonics Connectors
Inductive/Magnetics Semiconductors Cable Harnesses

Optics and Opto-mechanical

Reflective and Transmissive Lenses Lens and Telescope Assemblies Scanning Systems
Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared Photonics  


Exotic Metals Ceramics Plastics
Powder Metals Composites  


Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Metal Injection Molding Plastic Injection Molding and Extrusions
Precision Machining Distribution